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 How the Rent-To-Own Plan Works

1.  You rent your child's instrument by paying a one-month rental fee in advance.  Rent for as long as you like to determine what kind of progress your child will make in band class.  You are only obligated for one month at a time.  

2.  If your child will not be continuing with the band program, please call us to make arrangements to have the instrument picked up.  Please note; It is the responsibility of the Customer to notify us of the intention to return the instrument.  If your child is continuing in band, any subsequent payments will be automatically withdrawn from your specified account (debit / credit card or checking account).  

3.  All payments apply in full to the instrument purchase.  After you have made the number of payments specified in your rental agreement, you will own the instrument (provided that all payments are made in a timely manner).  

4.  Maintenance coverage is offered for a monthly fee of $5.00.  This plan covers repairs necessary to keep the instrument in good playing condition, not including replacement of expendable accessories or cosmetic damage.  Please refer to the rental contract for additional information.  

5.  Fire and theft coverage is not provided under this plan.  We suggest you contact your insurance agent to determine what coverage may be provided under your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy.  If the instrument is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, you will be liable for the full amount of loss.  

6.  Your obligation to Music Central, Inc ceases upon return of the rental instrument, provided that all rental payments are current.  Please refer to 2.  

7.  If you would like to purchase the instrument for cash within the first two months of rental, you will receive a 30% discount off the unpaid balance on your account.  (Discount available for beginner or student model instruments only.) 

8.  At any time after the first two months, Music Central, Inc. will allow a 10% discount of the balance amount (provided all rental payments are current at the time of payoff).  

9.  If you need to return the instrument for any reason (repairs, etc), please write your child's name and school on a piece of paper and put it in the instrument case.